I have worked with Julia Waldorf in many ways…

I have worked with Julia Waldorf in many capacities:  professional, social, charitable, and on environmental issues.  I have found Julia to be knowledgeable, insightful, focused, and the consummate professional.  Julia is a hard-worker, but more importantly maintains an optimistic, highly-charged “can do” attitude.  That  combined with far reaching experience in the real estate industry and the ability to look at things from diverse perspectives, make her an asset that is not readily found in the market place, nor easily replaceable.

Julia is high energy, absorbs complex situations readily, and in a short phrase: “a pleasure to work with”.

My only regret with Julia is that she has relocated to California.  However, expense justified, I would not hesitate to call her in a heart beat, should I find myself involved in complex real estate issues.

I firmly believe she would be a welcomed asset to any real estate team or endeavor.

Bob W. Foeppel