Stone Ridge #2 HOA Blues

HOA Blues: The Problem

HOA Blues: The Answer

HOA Blues: The Answer

Mr. Parvin

photo 2

As you can see in the pictures above the area around Mr. Parvin’s garden (also called Earth/soil/dirt) is entirely too dirty (ISN’T DIRT A REQUIREMENT OF A GARDEN?).

Below are the “Fines” that they are charging Mr. Parvin with:

Failure to maintain the landscaping on your lot.
This is the first of 3 that are worded different but mean the same thing. Read between the lines.

Failure to keep neatly trimmed, properly cultivated and maintained in a neat and orderly condition and in a manner designed to enhance its appearance rule.
First of all you can not keep your garden “un-trimmed”, “un-neat”, and “un-orderly” and have the ability to just go pick something out of it to eat. Second you do not get to a point in your garden where you CAN go pick things to eat if you keep it untidy and just in general un-kempt.

Maintain an annoyance or nuisance to the residence of the development in violation of Rule 6 B CC&R sectioned 74
What is annoying about growing an organic healthy garden? Mr. Parvin is a great example of eating and growing healthy food in order to be SELF SUFFICIENT.

All of this smells funny to me, are they trying to oust someone who is not conforming or simply trying in the wrong fashion to raise the level of integrity of the neighborhood? Either scenario should NOT end in a $115,650.00 fine as it kind of makes it appear as though someone is trying to get financially healthy while pushing someone out of the neighborhood. People who have this kind of knowledge of composting, cultivating good healthy food through natural organic gardening, should not be given fines and shunned they should be embraced in our communities. Want to voice your opinion then do so at the meeting today at 6:00 P.M. in San Luis Obispo, California located at 1400 Madonna in the Manderley Office.

Eco Advocacy An organization to helping with gardens with an HOA issue 408-297-3246 is a neutral third party pointed out to Mr. Parvin the new law :
Home Owners Association can NOT enforce a closed meeting if it is about issues effecting the homeowners.

Check This link out too on HOA Dispute Run-Amok

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