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I ask for feed back from people about my website They all say they like it but do not understand what it is all about. Well…. Let’s get “Right Side Up! with REAL ESTATE CHOICES! is really three companies in one.
The main goal is to buy houses and house single parented children and the new found homeless which are the children. is the video marketing that is done and put onto social media sites to entertain, educate, and fundraise. I will have affiliates on the site that are good products or services where people can buy good proven items. With their purchase some of the proceeds
will go to “Right Side Up”. Hence helping house Children and get some stability back into our community.
“Right Side UP!” is a company that will
Provide permanent quality housing for single parented children and the new found homeless which are the children.Homes will be bought and single parented children and homeless families will have the opportunity to do a lease/option rollover.
Real Simple. Say a homes value today is 50k. The established price will be 10% more which will be 55k. The rent/mortgage payment will be structured so the payment does not exceed 28% of their income. (A weeks worth of work) Every 5 years the rent/mortgage will adjust to 28% of their income. If no change in income, no change in rent/mortgage. Once half of the equity of 55k is paid into the rent (which would be $27,500) then the home goes automatically into their name and they are a homeowner. A one year home warranty is provided and paid for by Right Side Up! yearly. The tenant/owner will pay the deductible. This insurance will cover any major item like a furnace or water heater that needs to be replaced with little cost.
The tenant owner and their children will be stable. When people have a knowing that they have a roof over their head they stabilize. When people stabilize (especially the children) then people become more positive, emotionally healthy, and productive. “Right Side UP!” is good for the children, the community which brings UP the quality of life for everyone involved.
Bottom line….my business is a community business to house children to help create stable, healthy, productive adults. Better quality of life for all involved.

Anne is a women that was committed to her children in her marriage that was not so fun… the man decided to not be married half way into raising the children..what a bummer…she handled it quite well..she continued to raise her children with the help of the father/non husband man until the kids were grown out of the house. She kept her family stable, including herself…stayed on course…what ever that took…raised quality kids into good adults and then divorced the non husband. She maintains a good relationship with her non husband and the x-in-laws and everyone is happy. I personally did not do this but I really did not have a choice after thinking about it….I had alcohol and drugs which equals abuse…and could not see my son and I staying in a abusive situation for 20 years…I believe Anne’s way was the right way….KEEP THOSE KIDS STABLE….if you are not getting abused.
So Anne likes the institution of marriage. Safe zone if you have the right person that is truly committed to a marriage deal…lifestyle…partnership…I swear it needs to be treated more like a business deal then a fairy tale plan.

Single parent of 5 kids and she has 3 out of the nest, which is not easy, but it is real easy to only have 2 kids left at home as a single parent. Wow, she does have super natural powers!

Dinner is the best time of the day for her and the kids, they eat, they laugh, and they enjoy the food and the company. Families these days loose the dinner time because we are so so busy, and we are losing are quality time with our kids. Dinner time is a great time for catch up with your family.

I met Cordellia at a Life Force Dream Academy convention. Not only is she a great lady but she is also a great successful single parent. She did not get a divorce her, husband passed on. She has kept her life and spirit going strong with herself and her kids. She truly is a successful single parent.
Single Parent Success with 6 kids! WOW!

Supports 6 kids by working in a group home all day then she goes home and cooks, cleans and
raises 6 kids on her own! WOW!
Successful Single Parent Dr. Karen Hale with Holistic Health Care! 805-543-9554

Happy Single Parent

Strong Successful Single Parent Surviving on Fox Trotter Horses and Healing Affordable Housing!

Lisa is a single parent of 5 kids. She has one home still because he is handicapped and has special needs. This women raised a family of 5 kids on her own and has 4 out of the nest. The kids all get along GREAT! She says the secret is they all had to work together, play together, and work through the issues when they came up. They are a tight family. All her work and dedication paid off. Wow!

Great MOM!

This single parent put her family back together realizing that everyone pays the price when two people get a divorce. She separated for a short time and realized that it was not worth her the hardship being a single parent compared to working out the hardship in the relationship with her other half. She is right. If there is no hard core abuse, drugs, alcohol, violence, figure it out I say! If there is horrific abuse LEAVE…whatever is good for the majority is best..whatever that maybe in order to live a functional happy life with your family. They say you should not stay together for the kids..I say WHY NOT? The kids should not have to pay the price of lack of financial and emotional support
from both parents just because the parents are not getting along for dumb reasons. All children really need both parents and grandparents to help raise them. It is not a ONE MOM SHOW…sadly in our society today, people break up for simple reasons not serious ones and the kids do pay the price. This gal made a smart move for all involved. Who wants to grow up in a broken family, bouncing back and forth from house to house. NOONE…it is not fun or easy. Parents STEP UP and STAY TOGETHER I say..just so there is no abuse.