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I ask for feed back from people about my website They all say they like it but do not understand what it is all about. Well…. Let’s get “Right Side Up! with REAL ESTATE CHOICES! is really three companies in one.
The main goal is to buy houses and house single parented children and the new found homeless which are the children. is the video marketing that is done and put onto social media sites to entertain, educate, and fundraise. I will have affiliates on the site that are good products or services where people can buy good proven items. With their purchase some of the proceeds
will go to “Right Side Up”. Hence helping house Children and get some stability back into our community.
“Right Side UP!” is a company that will
Provide permanent quality housing for single parented children and the new found homeless which are the children.Homes will be bought and single parented children and homeless families will have the opportunity to do a lease/option rollover.
Real Simple. Say a homes value today is 50k. The established price will be 10% more which will be 55k. The rent/mortgage payment will be structured so the payment does not exceed 28% of their income. (A weeks worth of work) Every 5 years the rent/mortgage will adjust to 28% of their income. If no change in income, no change in rent/mortgage. Once half of the equity of 55k is paid into the rent (which would be $27,500) then the home goes automatically into their name and they are a homeowner. A one year home warranty is provided and paid for by Right Side Up! yearly. The tenant/owner will pay the deductible. This insurance will cover any major item like a furnace or water heater that needs to be replaced with little cost.
The tenant owner and their children will be stable. When people have a knowing that they have a roof over their head they stabilize. When people stabilize (especially the children) then people become more positive, emotionally healthy, and productive. “Right Side UP!” is good for the children, the community which brings UP the quality of life for everyone involved.
REAL ESTATE CHOICES! is a real estate company that
Uses the Internet to Market homes through social media sites including MLS. REAL ESTATE CHOICES also provide a sign, lock-box and flyers. REAL ESTATE CHOICES charges a small advertising fee. Once a contract comes in then REAL ESTATE CHOICES consults/negotiates the contract and brings it to close charging a reasonable hourly rate. In addition a half a point of the purchase price is paid at time of closing. 2.5% is offered to a co-op. (another realtor involved) If another realtor is not involved then REAL ESTATE CHOICES gets paid 3% at time of close and not an hourly.
Hourly is paid if transaction does not close. On a $300,000 home the savings for a seller is a minimum of $8,000 up to $13,000. All in All the money made will also be contributed towards “RIGHT SIDE UP” to buy homes.Bottom line….my business is a community business to house children to help create stable, healthy, productive adults. Better quality of life for all involved.
I say Love Life and Life will Love you Back! Peace! Love!

Great group of people. I just walked in today because I was told about the Christmas Unlimited and I thought it would be a great place for
more people to find out about such a good service for the working poor. They help out a Lot of Children and their families. You gotta love it!
If you would like to donate just go to any fire station in Colorado Springs with toys or school supplies and let them know it goes to Christmas Unlimited.
Colorado Springs works together as a community

Peggy has been working with the Grass Roots from the beginning. She has been the Executive Director for 25 years after Maxine Lewis developed the program 42 years ago. Peggy coordinates the Thanks Giving meal every year for 2000 people one half that are homeless. The community likes to share the Thanks Giving Spirit. Peggy is Thankful for all the gifts that are given to her every day.

Rick Abbet explains how and why the Maxine Lewis Grass Roots II beginnings. Maxine felt a need to help the poor and homeless people who do not have anyone to break bread with on Thanks Giving Day. The bottom line in San Luis Obispo County, the people and the community all work together to make sure everyone has a place to eat and a healthy warm Thanks Giving Meal to enjoy with other people on Thanks Giving Day. They prepared, cooked and served 2000 meals today.

Peggy Fowler is the Executive Director of Grass Roots II in San Luis Obispo California. A company that has fed a nice home cooked turkey dinner today for people who are shut in their home and homeless Peggy says the homeless need a home. A place they can call their own. Peggy also comments on the fact that HUD does not really include the single parents that are double living on their families home couch. A child in this circumstance has a square space on a couch. THIS TOO IS HOMELESS…if you do not have a door you can shut behind you, and you are sleeping on the couch and floor at a friends or family home you are also HOMELESS. No doubt about it. Peggy’s contact information is (805) 544-2333 give her a call if you have any great ideas or support for feeding the poor.

Operation Run
Veteran’s Day
(805) 544-SURF

Check out the web site They Help Veteran’s live a little out of the box. All good things happen when you do good things. It is a God thing!

I met Bill Bailey at Nerium Convention in San Diego and he is all about the I.Q. for our children and keeping the fun into learning. USIQ Club likes to keep our children smart by having the keep the music in our children’s lives. Bill Bailey and the Bayfield Foundation care about our children’s welfare. They have 550 plus children learning music and keeping fun back into our kids at schools. Our government cut the Arts and Music out of our children’s program at school so they are keeping our children SMART and CREATIVE.

GiGi Sawyer Project Director (805)543-5140
GiGi is a attorney running the San Luis Obispo County Senior Legal Services Project. The project helps seniors over 60 years of age with any legal matter they may have. From death/will issues to real estate issues such as foreclosures, short sales, etc. The Project also helps with medical, elderly abuse, credit harassment. If you or someone you know needs legal help through out California have them give the Senior Project a call. No matter what income level the senior is, the service is free. Rare Fruit Growers. Learn how to grow Fruit!

Donate Your Children’s Clothes to Lisa Ray’s Kids

Lisa Ray’s Donation Group is the Best Non Profit Around!
“Helping disadvantaged children in our community with clothing and school supplies”
Lisa Ray is all about the CHILDREN and as a Mother of 4 boys I am all about the Children.
I believe in Lisa Ray’s Donation Group 150%
I am on Lisa Ray’s fund raiser group and if you would like to donate or go to one of her events. Click on the graphic to the left.

Clothes Give Away for Women and Children!

Donna Helete with Outside Now Nature Academy has a GREAT program for kids to learn the correct way. Building things, working on a reading, writing project for a year, outside work, inside work, all in all practical life skills along with the math, reading, art, and music. Wow! What a school! A real school, with real people learning and teaching everyone involved real life skills. KEWL! There is nothing like the alternative common sense way to live in life…
Donna Helete Executive Director 805-541-9900

Harbor House and Homeward Pike Peak

Heather is the Director of Homeward Bound and Harbor House Program in Colorado Springs.
She says that they are helping out 69 chronically homeless people that have some sort of mental disability or challenge. They help out the people with hardcore substance abuse or mentally ill issues.
Good Program if you would like to donate items or money contact information is: 719-375-8794
421 S. Tejon in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Harbor House is a place for group living and to help people get sober and on their feet.