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Let’s give a BUCK…and get ahead of the 8 ball and get the 2.5 million kids off the streets along with the 6.8 million families with children off the streets and get some permanent quality affordable housing available for our children.

I found Lonnie and his daughter Liberty waiting for their wife/mom to finish at the doctors health center for the homeless in Colorado Springs. I found that this man was straight, kind, open, and honest about his situation and how they got to where they are. They are figuring it out with the help of the homeless shelter and it’s support around it. I gave him a card to give to his wife to see if she would like to work as a fund raiser to get seed money for “Right Side UP!” In order to interview, buy houses, and get children back into homes. If the scheduling can be worked out and the interview goes well, it maybe a perfect fit. We shall see….
Homeless Children We need to help!

Youngest homeless person I have met. 7 weeks old
Baby boy homeless with his grandmother and mom in San Luis Obispo California. They got ousted out of their apartment in Bakersville after the police informed them that they had to leave because they wanted to put tear gas throughout the apartment building they lived in. They were after someone with a gun or something like that. They asked Why can’t they just stay in there apartment and lock the door? The police said no they are tear gassing the place. So they left for a few days to come back to a big mess. The baby broke out in hives. Tear gas is VERY toxic. So it was a big mess all over their clothes, furniture, and personal items. They were told from the apartment manager they needed to get the apartment professionally cleaned and pay for it. They would get refunded back from the government. They did not have the money up front to get the apartment cleaned. So they ended up here in San Luis Obispo County looking for new housing. They are homeless with a new born. God willing they will get housing soon.

I interview this lady sitting out in the sun with her two boys begging for money via a sign. She says she is not working, but…… taking care of two boys and dealing with food, homework, and no home is WORK in my book. Her husbands job loss and bad health is effecting all of us. Why then can we not as a so called civil society have accommodations for families in need besides a shitty run down homeless shelter that is co-mingling the drug addict homeless with the jobless family homeless. Should we not call them homeless people, but down on your luck situation,and provide accommodations for family with kids? They need a helping hand up, not a couple of dollars given to them on the street………

I guess it is a whole lot easier to pick on and take the money away from the disabled vet and make him homeless, then it is to charge the people that make waaaay too much money their fair share in taxes….you know…Warren Buffet, Bill Gates..those guys who nationally brag in Time magazine about how they only pay 11% in tax compared to the pea–on workers that work for them whom make a lot less money pay 38% tax. Wow..what a county….not right..not fair…this has to change..This Vet is at the brink of becoming homeless because what? paperwork held up for 2 years? It is a CRAZY world out there…Don’t worry…be happy….stand together that is all we Americans can do…Have a Beach’in DAY!

I met John as I was walking into my office located in San Luis Obispo, Ca. He was walking by with his bike and bags.. I asked if he was homeless. He said yes, so I asked if it would be o.k. if I videoed interviewed him and put him on You Tube, Vlog? He is sure…So as I got into the interview I realized he was just yet another homeless sorta homeless actor, artist, athlete man that is just a phone call away from any help he would really need, if he got tired of the lifestyle, or got seriously sick. He was o.k. John is a man doing his art work, traveling in his style that is homeless with a back up. He truly is a person who lives the lifestyle he wants to and contributes to the world with entertainment in his own style too! He is kinda, sorta homeless because his profession does not provide housing while on the road. He does get the treatment of being homeless..To me he is very similar to the traveler homeless.
There are several different homeless people..
1. Homeless traveler (by choice)
2. Homeless Artist/traveler(by choice)
3. Homeless Drug Addict/Alcoholic (not by choice, stuck trying to heal, no choice, lack of support)
4. Homeless sick/disabled (not by choice, lack of support)
5. Homeless elderly (not by choice, lack of support)
6. Homeless people just out of jail/prison. (not by choice, no choice, no money, lack of support)
7. Homeless Mentally ill (not by choice, lack of support)
8. Homeless Families (not by choice, lack of job/money, lack of support)
9. Homeless Children (not by choice, lack of job/money for parents, lack of support)
Bottom line to Homelessness is lack of support by the society they live in. I believe the society they live in wants to help, there just is not a solution to helping out that provides stability. I have a idea that does provide stability for the children and families. I am putting the idea together now! Paperwork.
To be continued…..

My sister Laura Lee was homeless 15 years ago when she was drinking. Her family (which I am a part of) was just a phone call away. She did not choose to call us, who knows why? She did choose to make the phone call to a friend, because being homeless was more then anyone should have to live through. Even though she says she volunteered to be homeless no one likes to be cold, tired and hungry. Which the homeless are, much of the time. Homelessness is not fun, it is degrading, and miserable most of the time. My sister was just a phone call away, most homeless families and children are not. There is no phone call they can make. Our society has to address this issue, for when it hits the children and becomes generational in our county then we the people, not the government, need to stand up and stop this poor lifestyle the children are now living too! Laura Lee had a choice, the children do not!

The homeless in San Luis Obispo County are trying to put together a Village of Hope that
is like the one in Oregon. A group of people with in the community are trying to put this together.
I hope it works for them. It will if they stay focused.

I met this man named Lester sleeping on a park bench in a park in Santa Barbara County, California. He was real nice, pleasant, in fact. He explained that the only ones that really bothered him were not the police men but the homeowners who don’t feel good about him not working. Even though getting a job is real hard these days, and even if he had a job, working minimum wage would not put a roof over his head anyway. Weird.

“Homeless, hungry, and anything will help” Crystal and her dog Nugget, spange during the day
on a busy street corner to get by the day. 23 and homeless is tough. She really has not been taught how to make a living and is trying to figure that out the best she knows how. She is disabled with leg perthes disease (bone disease). She left her grandmothers home after her brother beat her up with a bat. Her choice was stay and get beat until you are severely hurt or leave and become homeless but safe (somewhat).
Who knows why people do these things to their loved ones, but it is a reality for some.. Tough reality. To think my kids think that I am being tough on them when I tell them they need to do the dishes..WoW..It is all perspective.. So I have learned from this interview that spanging for the homeless is putting a sign up and getting a meal for the day. They get by from spanging..This interview gave me some enlightenment and I hope you too have received enlightenment from viewing the video

Angelia is homeless with 3 small children on the streets of San Luis Obispo California. She left a bad relationship in order to protect her children. WOW! You know it had to be pretty bad in order to pack up and take her kids to the street. You can only imagine…The kids seem happy. Angelia is all about her kids and keeping them safe, sound, and happy. Believe it or not..she is doing it.
Since I have taken this interview Angelia and her 3 kids a have finally gotten into some sort of housing. As Angelia says “Her baby can take a nap now.” Thank God!

Rainy is working hard raising 2 children on her own while being homeless on the streets of San Luis Obispo California. Rainy (mom) London and Lyric (girls) have been homeless since last July. Rainy left a abusive situation for herself and the children. She presently works at a good job making around $2,200 a month. She is saving enough money up in order to get a deposit and get into a place to call home for her two daughters. If you know of a place give me a call and I will connect you to this young lady that is strong and determined…. more then most. She is a very good bet that she will be a GREAT tenant.

Daniel is working fulltime at Goodwill Industries but $8.50 an hour doesn’t put a roof over your head that easy.. He has a wife and 6 month old waiting to come down here once he gets into a place. Daniel came down here (San Luis Obispo) from Corona California with his parents. He found a job, now he is working on saving money to get into a place and send off for his young family.

I spoke with Lila and she told me she is and always have been straight and clean. She is willing to work hard for pay without a problem. She needs stable housing desperately for herself and her baby. She has been under sooo much stress. She has recovered from cancer on top of all of these other woes.. Her boyfriend made some stupid mistakes but admits it. Willing and able to work. WoW..again I have been enlightened of the rough tough reality of homelessness…

Homeless man tells you about the homeless. Disabled, elderly in one of the richest area’s in our country.. What the? I don’t get it. I have an idea that will work if we all work together on it..
I will disclose soon.

Homeless get the “KNOCK OUT” PUNCH
Homeless Drifter Jake has worked his whole adult life. After getting pushed out of the work force of construction and now is picking cans out of the garbage cans making $25.00 a day. He would like to go to Iowa and leave San Luis Obispo, California. He will make it, leaving is taking a little longer then anticipated.

I interviewed Bobby. He is a 63 year old man just out of prison. His life career was being a bank robber.
He spent several years in prison (38 years) because of robbing banks and and he is not proud of it. Robbing banks is all he knew how to do in order to live the lifestyle he was accustomed too. Now he is too old, too tired to be a bank robber.
What I found interesting was Bobby was getting help from friends consistently for years inside and out of prison. People who know him, like him. I asked him, why do your old friends help you out when
you are stone broke and just out of prison? He said because when he was flush he helped out his friends a lot, so now his friends have stepped up are helping him now.
He says God has pulled him out of some bad situations. He has the faith that all be alright.

The father lost his job with Caterpillar 2 years ago..with a new baby they lost their home and
became homeless with child…He works now but just got reduced down to 9 hours a week so he is looking for work again..San Luis Obispo is helping them get shelter on a nightly basis going from church to church and they are getting fed through Prado and Maxwell Homeless Shelter. 18 months HOMELESS with CHILD..could you
imagine this? The kewl thing is..they are still together as a family..UNITED THEY STAND…NO MATTER WHAT is thrown at them in life…they are strong…good character and STRONG…Kudos to them I say…Jewels..

Julia has an idea that will work and she is implementing it NOW! Details will be provided in the near future Once a Month Church in Hawaii helping the homeless!

When I interviewed Britney she said she was pragnet. She has know idea what world she is about to enter into. The motherhood world. Homeless, young and pragnet is not a good combination. Through the government services she is figuring out what the next step is? She is a child herself with no idea what stability is? God willing, she and her child will be safe and sound.

Lisa became homeless shortly after her military husband decided to beat her up because she would not lie for him in order for him to keep his job. He wanted her to say she slipped him a pain killer in his soft drink (which she did not) because his random drug test came up hot! That is when she learned that he was taking her pain killers without her knowledge. Not only did she realize that night that he was a possible closet drug addict but he was mean….she was happy her 3 kids were raised and out of the home so they did not have to live through such trauma. She divorced him and moved back to the California Coast where she has family. Her alimony some how got eliminated. She spent $17,000 to fight it but ran out of money to continue. Thank God she applied for social security 30 months ago because she just got approved and she will be back on her feet and in a home soon. Lisa believes in God and he works for the good…so if a bad thing happens you always have to know that good does come out of it..the good may take awhile to show up..but God willing her faith keeps her going and she knows God does prevail…

Patrick became homeless last year…it looks like he will be able to get out of the situation soon, lookin good..it has been a ride, he has learned a lot. San Luis Obispo Prado center has helped him in many ways..

I met these two guys as I was going into the CVS in downtown San Luis Obispo, California.
The store was not open yet and I saw them so I asked them if they were homeless and if they would do a
video interview? They were not only receptive but nice..polite, honest. I did not know them from adam and
they allowed me to interview them johnny on the spot. I did not prep them or even talk to them about what their story was… I just started interviewing them right away with the camera. You see, I had to get my kids to school so I was tight on time. They did not mind. Rodney was open and honest about his drug problem and grateful for having his wife still, the older man just seemed alright about the interview, almost entertained with my tactics. Both were nice and I thanked them for their time. Then as I was walking to my car it dawned on me that I wanted to ask them about the homeless children.. Have they seen many children on the streets..the next video will give you the honest answer of someone who knows because they are in the same enviroment , realm, what ever you like to call it..But THEY KNOW THE REAL TRUTH OF IT. God willing we all work to come up with stable housing for the children..

The Homeless KNOW About the HOMELESS CHILDREN!

Homelessness is permanently camping until you can figure out some how some way to get out of it.

James the homeless man on the run for several years because he witnessed a murder next door. It amazes me how one event can change your life for a long long time. He is and has been trying to figure out how to get out of the homeless situation with the means that he has. James is a very intelligent man with a lot of wise things to say. He carries a bible with him and says “He lost everything but his faith in GOD” I say “God bless James”

Julia has been working on a solution for housing for the single parented children and the new
found homeless (which are the children).
Julia will be letting everyone learn the solution SOON!

I walked up to Steve and asked for a interview. He gave me a nice smile and said sure.
Steve had a good attitude as a homeless man on the streets on this rainy cold day. He was an open and honest man without the right paperwork to help him get back on his feet. You see, when you become homeless you do not have a mail box for people to send you the social security card that you need to replace. Which is tough. What do you do? No money, no phone, no mail box, no home. So Steve has been camping for 10 years and has adjusted to the lifestyle and accepted homelessness.
Goes to show…Attitude is everything!

I met David Coffey at a Life Force convention in San Diego. When he told me he worked at a homeless shelter for kids I had to interview him.. He Said St. Josephs home for children in Minnesota was a place for troubled kids but also for kids that just have no home to go to. The parents are up side down, because of drugs, alcohol or just plain stressed out from lack of finance and can not handle the struggles of life and they kick the kids out. He said there are a lot of band aids but he is unaware of a solution or prevention of homelessness for children that he knew of. I told him I am working on it. The paperwork is in process. Truly homeless kids in our United State of America is an epidemic that no one is paying attention to or does not want to talk about. It is real, and happening everywhere in our country. God willing it will resolve itself through my idea and a combination of many..We shall see.

The child is the adult when the adults in the household are alcoholic or drug addicts. In this child’s life that is what is taking place. If the parents have issues the children have big problems. He would like to have a normal life. But now he is just couch cruising until he can get into some housing some how for himself. Some people have it tough and some people have it tougher. The people who have it easy need to help. United we stand, divided we fall. As a family, town, state, nation…

SOME PEOPLE ARE BORN FOR GREAT THINGS! This moment/person is one of those great things

Shaw is a man that does not drink, he does not do drugs, he talks to his family every three months or so and is doing the best he can with what he has been given. Mental illness comes in all degrees, he has one of the worst/bad mental illness there is. 20 years on the road living on $850.00 a month and what ever he can pan handle here and there. Tough life style, but I give him credit for making the best of it for himself. He keeps to himself, and travels alone. Does not hurt anyone and stays disconnected in our society. He is just as fearful of society as society is fearful of him.

Peggy Fowler

http://www.juliawaldorf.com interviews a homeless couple with a baby on the streets. Mom says that walking around all day and going to doctor appointment is tough. Rainy days the family goes to the library. The whole family that consist of 8 people were thrown out of the home they lived in for years because it was not considered governmentally up to standard by code or zoning. The father worked on the farm for years for trade for housing. Over night they were thrown out of their home and the father lost his job.. There should be some sort of housing replacement plan when the government decides to change the rules and effect 8 people’s housing. 3 Children on the streets because of the new rules.Wild World We live in.. http://youtu.be/PJKkdCQTzC.

Pragnet and homeless I could not imagine. People take advantage of poor people who need help by paying them a low wage. It is a reality. Work is work so they do what they can do. Who can live on $4.00 an hour? Better then nothing….high rent and $4.00 an hour is living backwards. They keep going forward, weaving through the system that is helping them as much as they can. She is dreading the rain, no bus, no library, hide under a tree with a baby to get out of the rain is not a home, it is h e double tooth picks. God willing this will change.

slocoe.org and naehcy.org for more information
 Melissa Musgrave works for San Luis Coastal Unified School District as a Family Services Resource Coordinator. She is the lady that makes sure the kids get the service that the school district has for children that are homeless and also families that are struggling with providing food, clothes, and school supplies. She also says that the biggest demand is to get the kids transportation to school. They provide what ever it takes to get the kids graduated and on with a start in the right direction.

Rick Abbet explains how and why the Maxine Lewis Grass Roots II beginnings. Maxine felt a need to help the poor and homeless people who do not have anyone to break bread with on Thanks Giving Day. The bottom line in San Luis Obispo County, the people and the community all work together to make sure everyone has a place to eat and a healthy warm Thanks Giving Meal to enjoy with other people on Thanks Giving Day. They prepared, cooked and served 2000 meals today.

Peggy Fowler is the Executive Director of Grass Roots II in San Luis Obispo California. A company that has fed a nice home cooked turkey dinner today for people who are shut in their home and homeless Peggy says the homeless need a home. A place they can call their own. Peggy also comments on the fact that HUD does not really include the single parents that are double living on their families home couch. A child in this circumstance has a square space on a couch. THIS TOO IS HOMELESS…if you do not have a door you can shut behind you, and you are sleeping on the couch and floor at a friends or family home you are also HOMELESS. No doubt about it. Peggy’s contact information is (805) 544-2333 give her a call if you have any great ideas or support for feeding the poor.

Wow! Finally got the non profit status. Now it is time to make this web site not only educational, entertaining but time to fund raise. I will be going on trips to interview homeless shelters and buy homes across the country. I will of course have to fund raise first. Starting out with a bucket in front of King Soopers and Walmart. All I know it works, and it is a start to provide seed money to get going. I will do what it takes to get this going, even if it is standing out in front of stores promoting and educating people on what “RIGHT SIDE UP!” does. Ensure Quality Housing for Single Parented Children and the New Found Homeless! (which are the children)