“Right Side UP!” Gets Children off the Streets

This young lady approached Julia in front of the Walmart asking for help.  Julia interviewed her to let the world see what is happening to several American Children and their parents.  Affordable housing is hard to come by and keep.  This story is not un-common.  “Right Side UP!” put her to work so she could make money for gas, propane for the heater in the RV .  “Right Side UP!” also bought them some food to last a couple of meals.  Please DONATE!  THANK YOU!  We need to get the children off the streets. Right Side UP gets Children off the Streets.


“Right Side UP!” put her to work for a hour and helped her get some food, propane, gas to survive the next day…WE AMERICANS need to get the children off the streets, tents, basements, motels and Give a buck and donate.

There are a LOT of young adults on the streets that have been bumped out of their apartment.  This young lady with her husband is just one small example.

Thank you.

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