HOA Blues!

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Julia’s friend Mr. Parvin has HOA (homeowner’s association) issues.
The board of his homeowners association sent Mr. Parvin a letter stating that he needed to remove some
pots, coke can, bundle of materials, water jug, buckets, and misc. from his driveway. Mr. Parvin cleaned
off his driveway of the items stated right away. What is odd is The lawyer of the association sent Mr. Parvin another letter (after Mr. Parvin picked up the items) stating he needed to remove items from driveway within 15 days of his letter. He also sent a photograph of Mr. Parvin driveway with none of the items in the photograph that was stated in the letter. Then exactly on the 15th day the attorney then sent a letter stating that there will be a fine hearing in reference to the items in the driveway. The attorney stated he will be at the hearing and informed him to bring his attorney at the hearing also.
Mr. Parvin called his attorney. Mr. Parvin’s attorney informed him that it was not necessary for an attorney to go to a hearing with the board. (he quoted a civil code) Mr. Parvin was told he can just speak for himself. No big deal but he also warned Mr. Parvin that it seemed to be that the purpose of the hearing was to set him up for discovery for a lawsuit.


In the words of a past board member and a architectural review board member has told the
homeowners if they don’t like how they interpret the CC&R’s and enforce who they want to enforce the rules
on then they can move.

So this association board members are un-doubtingly way out of control with controlling the neighborhood for their personal preference of who and how people will live in the neighborhood. So in the past Mr. Parvin states that the board association has made life so miserable for past residences living in
the neighborhood that they did move out. Also the association went so far as having a builder who lived across the street from Mr. Parvin go out of business. The way the boards association accomplished this was having him take down all the trim on his home and put up somethingthat they liked. They did this several times through his building process that he had to do and re-do things that were so un-reasonable and costly that he ended up going out of business, distressed, and foreclosed on.
This has been a 10 year board association nightmare for anyone who moved into StoneRidge Development II in the city of San Luis Obispo, California. They continue to harass who they decide they want out of the neighborhood.

Homeowner associations are formed to create community and lift and maintain the quality of life.
What has become of Homeowner associations that are out of control like this one. They actually deteriorate
the quality of life for the neighborhood and create distention among the community. What is the kicker..
Mr. Parvin pays monthly for this harassment. This association and many like it needs to be eliminated and have an appointed person among the neighborhood manage the repairs, common area maintenance, etc.and throw a yearly neighborhood get together barbecue which not only will create community with the neighbors but it
will also bring the dues way down because the management will truly be done by the community that cares about their community instead of controls it. So be careful before buying into a HOA community and talk
to the neighborhood before buying to see if there is any dissension within the association board. Then decide if you want to live with in the rules of the board…because they have the rules…even though you pay the taxes…

THIS ASSOCIATION NEEDS TO BE ELIMINATED.. becasue it defeats their purpose by having the wrong people in control. Which is taking the quality of life right out of the neighborhood.
Disclaimer: Julia Waldorf and Mr. Parvin are just giving you their opinion of this HOA nightmare.
Don’t want to be sued or attacked by anyone because of their opinion of the situation.
Constitutional Amendment #1 Freedom of Speech is being practiced here.

Is this letter for Mr. Parvin the homeowner that is complying with the HOA demands already?
I guess we shall see…

How far will this HOA go? They are really going for the throat just to get Mr. Parvin out of the neighborhood. WHY? They don’t like the way his yards looks. His table and chairs are not as nice as the neighbors? Although they are exactly alike, so that is not it…let’s see. Is it his plants in his yard..No everyone has plants in their yards. So why are they harassing him? They want him to move because for what ever reason…the board just does not like him..his yard or his dogs…How much control does an HOA Have? We shall follow this story and find out!!!
The website to complain about California HOA is www.Calhomelaw.org Good Luck!

I guess Mr. Parvin will see what happens when you go to mediation with the town of San Luis Obispo Town as the medator and the HOA. HOA VS Russie Parvin!

Did Mr. Parvin really win or lose on the harassment the HOA has been doling out to him for the past 10 years. From his clothes line to his trinkets in the yard, he has been a target to shape up or ship out of the neighborhood according to the HOA rules or I should say the HOA board that is selectively harassing him wanting him to move out of the neighborhood. The reason I say this is because there are several issues that the HOA are not addressing with the other neighbors, that they are addressing with Mr. Parvin. The chairs they made him move out of his driveway patio area that are the same chairs that other neighbors use. Mr. Parvin has put planters that were in his driveway apron (which is along side the driveway) the HOA made him move that too, while as you walk in the neighborhood there are several people with planters that were not as nice as Mr.Parvin’s in plain view, and in their driveway area. Right across the street from Mr. Parvin’s is where the President of the HOA lives. Not only does the President leave garbage cans in their driveway all week long, which is against the rules, the President of the HOA has their garage remodeled into living space so no cars can be parked in the garage. This is a BIG NO NO, under the HOA rules but because it is the President of the HOA they are aloud to have their own rules along with their friends that live in the neighborhood.
Mr. Parvin has reported the bullish harassment to the police. He has now gone to the arbitration with the city of San Luis Obispo as the mediator and the HOA. If it gets any worse, which it could, or not, he will go to the Grand Jury. Mr. Parvin is now running to be elected onto the board.
If he gets on the board he is going to request that the HOA is transparent on all issues in order for the whole neighborhood to be able to know and understand what the HOA is truly doing to create a better quality living for all that is involved, and not become a unpleasant place to live, because someone on the board does not like the way your planter looks. All I can say is….Good Luck Mr. Parvin.
I personally feel that this and many HOA’s are unnecessary. I feel they create havoc among the neighbors and bring the quality of life down not up in the neighborhood. In the Stone Ridge neighborhood the homeowners actually pay a lot of money to be micro managed which is absurd. The solution would be to eliminate the HOA and the management company that costs the neighborhood $1200 a month. Hire or elect someone in the neighborhood that would like to manage the company that takes care of the water system and make sure that the signs and lighting and common area is maintained. Hire or elect and pay that person a monthly, hourly, or yearly fee to act as a manager for the neighborhood. The neighborhood maintains a once a year party in the common area in order to give everyone in the neighborhood a chance to get to know each other and create a neighborly environment. It works, I lived it in Breckenridge Colorado on Peak 7. We hired the same neighbor every hear to plow the drive ways for a fee. We all had each other numbers in order to communicate, and we watched over each others house if anyone was out of town. Every year around Christmas time we would meet at someones house and have a neighborhood Christmas party. We would get to know each other a bit and celebrate Christmas, and life itself in the neighborhood. If some issue came up that would cost money, for example we had to cut our trees down to prevent fire. Which was a mandatory county requirement. A couple of us in the neighborhood received bids and we hired the same person because we were able to get the job done for less money because there were several homes that wanted to get the trees cut. Some of the neighbors cut their own trees down and did not participate.
While other neighbors hired someone else. It all worked great, we all took responsibility with our own homes but worked together to be more efficient and neighborly. Being civil works. Micro management in a neighborhood creates hostility and political un-fairness. Who really wants to be told what to do with their home and how they are to be. I believe no one does.

Russee does not give up too easy with his HOA. The bottom line with how an HOA is ran is who is on the Board and what are their intentions. Micro manage..yuck..or create a community that gets along and provide barber Q’s, holloween party for the kids, or a block party for the neighborhood. up lift and bring the quality of life up really creates value in a neighborhood that has an HOA that creates and supports community not break it down through micro management and make reasonable people who own their homes to put their hoses out of site in between use. Not reasonable. Not Fun and does not create quality in life but makes life tougher then it needs to be. So watch, talk, and read the minuets in the HOA paperwork to determine if the HOA Board are nice… or not.

As Russee’ receives another notice in the mail from Stone Ridge II Subdivision in the City of San Luis Obispo. The letter states that they will be having a meeting for the Homeowners to bring up any issues that they may have. It also states that the HOA will be increasing fines and sounds like they will be enforces the rules and regulations more then they already do. Can Stone Ridge II get more regulated then they presently are? Or is Stone Ridge II selectively regulated? Who knows, only the people who live in Stone Ridge II know that. Russee Parvin’ feels that he has been harassed, bullied, what ever you want to call it, from the HOA in the past and is concerned if he will be a target for the new board to continue to bully…I guess we shall see……Let’s hope NOT!

Russee’ Parvin along with anyone who has a homeowners association (Stoneridge II in San Luis Obispo California) in their neighborhood can easily be victim of a Homeowner association any time. I call it double governmental controls. I think you should be able to plant a tree in your yard without getting permission from the Homeowners association, architectural control, or the government. People ARE reasonable and 9.99% of the time if they want to make a change on their home like plant a tree, they want to make it look nice and have pride of ownership without being told how, what, where and what kind of tree they can plant. I think we are upside down in our society more ways then one. Our so called officials (voluntarily or not) are taken the systems out of control with too much control. But what do I know, I am just part of the government.

Good old Russee’ Parvin is following through with a suggestion I made to him to have the neighbors get to know each other and have a block party. So…that is exactly what he is doing…fun stuff

Lot of great deserts…YUM!

Well,,,this is one of the ways to really get to know your neighbors.
It is a old fashion tradition in Green Bay Wisconsin..a BLOCK party..The neighbors block off the streets and have a barbecue, kids, dogs, ears of corn..great food and the neighborhoods talk to each other to get to know each other and so they can be there for each other when they need them in between the yearly party. Everyone has fun, everyone bonds with each other, so when you go on vacation you CAN call on your neighbor and ask them to watch your house and grab the mail, paper, etc. I think if there is a HOA homeowners association in the neighborhood that the associations true job is to create parties for the neighborhood to create community for everyone. It is nice and friendly, and it brings into effect, a good quality of life for all. It is kinda nice to know your neighbor and be able to borrow a cup of sugar or egg if you need to.
At this party, the neighbors realized they had careers in common, and the kids agreed to watch the neighbors cat while they were away..the other neighbors talked about plants and food, and of course Russee’, the garden man horticulturalist, said “go ahead… grab a tomato out of my garden anytime.” Hopefully this is the beginning of the first of many good neighborhood partys..Maybe the next one will be a barbecue!
The HOA Blues continues….
The Stone Ridge subdivision in San Luis Obispo, California gave Mr. Parvin one notice for the un-reasonable $115,650 fine they are trying to place on him for having a organic natural garden.
HOA Blues: The Problem

HOA Blues: The Problem

HOA Blues: The Answer

HOA Blues: The Answer

Mr. Parvin

photo 2

As you can see in the pictures above the area around Mr. Parvin’s garden (also called Earth/soil/dirt) is entirely to dirty (ISN’T DIRT A REQUIREMENT OF A GARD


Below are the “Fines” that they are charging Mr. Parvin with:

Failure to maintain the landscaping on your lot.
This is the first of 3 that are worded different but mean the same thing. Read between the lines.

Failure to keep neatly trimmed, properly cultivated and maintained in a neat and orderly condition and in a manner designed to enhance its appearance rule.
First of all you can not keep your garden “un-trimmed”, “un-neat”, and “un-orderly” and have the ability to just go pick something out of it to eat. Second you do not get to a point in your garden where you CAN go pick things to eat if you keep it untidy and just in general un-kempt.

Maintain an annoyance or nuisance to the residence of the development in violation of Rule 6 B CC&R sectioned 74
What is annoying about growing an organic healthy garden? Mr. Parvin is a great example of eating and growing healthy food in order to be SELF SUFFICIENT.

All of this smells funny to me, are they trying to oust someone who is not conforming or simply trying in the wrong fashion to raise the level of integrity of the neighborhood? Either scenario should NOT end in a $115,650.00 fine as it kind of makes it appear as though someone is trying to get financially healthy while pushing someone out of the neighborhood. People who have this kind of knowledge of composting, cultivating good healthy food through natural organic gardening, should not be given fines and shunned they should be embraced in our communities. Want to voice your opinion then do so at the meeting today at 6:00 P.M. in San Luis Obispo, California located at 1400 Madonna in the Manderley Office.Eco Advocacy An organization to helping with gardens with an HOA issue 408-297-3246 is a neutral third party pointed out to Mr. Parvin the new law :
Home Owners Association can NOT enforce a closed meeting if it is about issues effecting the homeowners.
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