Real Estate Choices interviews Bruce Gardner the motivational speaker at the Rookie Seminar held by the Womens Council of Realtors. He wrote a few books for support for Realtors to learn the business. The bottom line is if you discover the natural way of being yourself while selling real estate you will be successful. For more information go to to see the additional tools for real estate. join


Bottom line…  My business is a community business to house children/families to help create stable, healthy, productive adults. Better quality of life for all involved.

I say Love Life and Life will Love you Back! Peace! Love!

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This is my one of my first speeches at toastmasters. I have to say..I am learning. I hope you find this material educational.
The public trustee is the governmental public office that releases the deeds of trusts once a home is paid off. In other words, when you sell your home the public trustee records the transaction and then records the pay off with the clerk and recorder. The public trustee also handles all foreclosures. So when someone is late on their payment the lien holder (usually a bank) gives the public trustee notice and they make it public by posting the start of the foreclosure on the website and the newspapers. They post for several months in the newspaper then they have a public sale and usually sell the property back to the bank. The bank always makes a bid to protect their interest in the property that they took as collateral for the mortgage.

The information I pulled up from the public trustees site was astounding. It indicates not only is foreclosures up 25% from last year at this time, but the release of deeds of trust are consistently 50% less then last year at this time. Literally there were 13,000 homes sold in March of 2013 and 6,000 homes sold in March of 2014. We are talking a HUGH drop in transactions. Which means a hugh drop in money being spent, which means slow down in many, many ways. Contractors, Realtors, appraisers, loans, cleaning people, etc. and so on…..

This drastic drop in release of deed of trusts shows me that the REIT’s have hoarded all of our Shadow inventory from the banks and we are at the bottom of the barrel as far as inventory goes. I understand this is across the country. Rents are up..the stock market REITS are UP. What a shame.. It should be against the law to allow hedge funders to buy our single family homes as a REIT.

The thought of the day… DO NOT SELL YOUR HOME TO AN INVESTOR…
SELL IT TO A RELATIVE OR A OWNER OCCUPIED.REAL ESTATE CHOICES! is a real estate company that charges hourly fees to negotiate the contract and bring it to close.
REAL ESTATE CHOICES realizes with the world wide web that buyer’s and seller’s communicate with each other, they need a seasoned professional to guide them with the paperwork and bring the deal to close.

I have a friend in Summit County that was selected for the first house in Summit County to be built in 15 years from Habitat for Humanity.
She is a single parent with 4 children. The selection process is made by the board after receiving, reviewing and interviewing the applicants for the project.
Once selected the person in the program that the home is being built for has to put in a minimum of 200 hours building their own home. Volunteer’s help out too!
After the home is built the family moves in and pays towards a mortgage that is 0%…meaning that all the whole payment (excluding taxes, insurance) goes towards the principle of the home over a 30 year payment. This makes the payment more affordable to make. They also put in some sweat equity during the year so they turn key into a property with some equity…What a deal…
GREAT PROGRAM! If you would like more information or would like to donate call Elycia Schaetzel at 970-423-7445

The good life is for sale in Hartsel Colorado…Quality, Peaceful Colorado Mountain Lifestyle for sale!

This Property took 2+ years to sell. Hartsel Colorado is a hic up of a town. This gas station is set in the middle of the mountains like a water hole for all the skiers that come up from Colorado Springs, or Pueblo. I know I stop here almost every time I go through Hartsel when I am heading up the mountain towards Breckenridge. I sold the little gift shop and antique barn next door years ago. Those ranchers who bought that place are pretty happy with their lifestyle. (719)290-8069

I believe for the next 7 years to come the values on real estate will be a steady climb up.
FNMA is selling our homes that have been foreclosed on in bulk sales to a private unknown investor. These homes are tenant occupied. The investor does the property management on the properties and after 3 years they are allowed to sell these properties to the general public. The investor then will have to split any profit with the FNMA. Considering 1 out of every 6 properties in our country have been foreclosed on you would think that FNMA would be required to sell these properties back to the general public at the same discounted rate they are selling the investor the homes. They are keeping the inventory low, in order to have values go up and stimulate the housing market and consumer confidence. I believe The housing market will continue to go up at a steady pace.
I think in order to get your REAL VALUE of your home ownership the goal would be to pay off your home ASAP. Make an extra payment or two a year and make that mortgage go away in a least half the time. Either way, home ownership creates stability for the family and/or individual.
Don Faught is the President Elect for California Association of Realtors seems to be a nice honest straight forward guy that really cares about the homeowner. Don says homes are to raise your family in and grow some good memories. It creates stability for people, neighborhoods, and the whole community becomes strong with home ownership.

Jay Peet CES
A 1031 exchange is a bit complicated. If you do not want to pay taxes on your income or profit on your investment property then you do a 1031 exchange. You are not allowed to touch the money. This is a IRS rule. You have a third party hold the money after the sale and identify up to 3 properties for purchase or exchange into another property. The property has to be like kind, meaning investment property for investment property. You also have to purchase a property that is higher priced then the one that you have sold. A mediator like Jay Peet not only walks you through the process so you know you are following the rules that IRS has created for all 1031 exchanges, the company is also a qualified third party that will hold your money for you until you purchase the next property. If you are selling a investment property call Jay he will explain all the details!

Nancy Tucker (805)748-6880 Century 21 Hometown Realty!
Nancy Tucker went the extra mile as a Pismo Association member and went to the CAR (California Association of Realtors) meeting to find more information for the rest of the Realtors and brought it to our MLS Friday morning meeting. Nancy is one of many Central Coast Realtors that goes above and beyond the call of duty being a great resource for the public.

This man James Dwiggen with Realty World spoke at our main event in Central coast California San Luis Obispo, he is right. Video is the future. I find not only does video seem easier for me to deliver to an audience, I find it to be a LOT more transparent of what people are doing and thinking. As you watch a video you can really see how people are. It shows their way of being. Which is Kewl. Most people are Kewl…that is what I learn about the videoing that I accomplish.

Suellen Iness with (805)481-5575
Suellen Iness knows her reverse mortgages quite well. They truly are a way for seniors to create income if they are house poor. The neat thing about a reverse mortgage is it is a way for elderly to stay in their home without having to sell it before they really want to and live in a better lifestyle with more cash flow. After really listening to Suellen talk at our MLS meeting it made me feel 100% better about reverse mortgages. It is a niche product that really does help people out in a tight situation.

Why do people buy a home? I had this discussion with Joe a great real estate agent in my office at Cornerstone. He explains it well, not only do people have more security with owning a home, but it is a good way to create a good strong forced savings. We both love to help people buy their dream home and create stability in their lives.

Kevin Hunstad (805)431-4000
Kevin says the most difficult thing there is when building a home is the thousand’s of decisions that you make when you build a home, of course the best thing about building is you get what you want and everything is brand spank’in new once you complete the project with your builder.

Generational Marketing is very intriguing to me. It makes a lot of
sense. Seniors and Baby Boomers think totally different from each other because of what they have been through in the time they are living at they age they are. For example the seniors went through the depression, the Baby Boomers went through working too too much via the word workaholic was created, the X and Y generation was put into daycare from little on so no wonder they have a stronger trust for their piers then they do their parents. They also have the computer in front of them instead of the T.V. So they are programming themselves with knowledge and not T.V. commercials. So they are straight and to the point.
Makes sense to me. The Bottomline what ever business you are in you need to communicate with each other and educate the people you are working with on what ever service or product you are representing in a honest way, sugar coated or not.

The property tax has become a lot more complicated through the years.
Wow, DID YOU KNOW… that if someone who owns real estate passes on the heirs are to call the assessor A.S.A.P. to inform the assessor of the death in order to keep all interested parties abreast of the basis and the changes to the basis that will accrue, upon transferring the title to someone else, whoever that maybe. DID YOU KNOW….when you purchase property in California there usually is a subsequent tax…
DID YOU KNOW….There are helpful advantages for people over 55 and disabled citizens who own real property is given to you from the assessors…and DID YOU KNOW….Upon a divorce in California, the couple owning the property that may get sold because of the divorce, you SHOULD negotiate within your divorce degree you who gets to claim the basis of the home…..Yes there is a LOT of complicated details in your property tax whenever the people who own the home has a change in title, one way or the other CALL the Assessor, the assessor is there to Help you and educate you on the responsibility of your real estate taxes.
THE ASSESSOR # is (805) 781-5643
Helpful Tax Sources,,,

Kathy is full of information. She works for CAR to educate the Realtor of California on the issues for homeowners state and federal. CAR is created to support the Realtor to help the homeowners in issues such as the government has been trying diligently to remove the mortgage interest rate write off that the public has when they own a home. They killed the transfer tax proposed to charge a tax of $75.00 per document, saving the homeowner $225 per closing. Just another junk fee the homeowner did not need. She encourages EVERYONE to VOTE! To get a hold of Kathy concerning a question, just give her a call at 916-764-2467.

RESAVE is a GOOD thing!

In Pismo Beach Shell Beach Central Coast California area there are presently 45 single family homes available. The price ranges from $399,900 to $8,400,000. If you want to see any of these homes give Julia a call at (805)295-6252 she will be happy to sell you a home.

Erin Down with Ocean West Properties (805)540-8485
Vacation rentals on the beach are getting a little touchy with the regulators these days. First of all, they defined a vacation rental as a home or condo that is rented out for 30 days or less. They also defined in certain towns in the San Luis Obispo County new rules concerning vacation rentals and are in process of establishing more rules. Some good, some bad. Of course there is always two sides to a stick. Upon investing into a property that you are planning to rent out as a vacation rental make sure you check with the town or city that you are investing to be clear on the rules and the additional cost involved when registering your investment as a vacation rental. Have a BEACH’in DAY!

Adam hill is the Representative for the 3rd district in Central Coast California Pismo Beach area gets things done. He is working towards creating a help center for the homeless in San Luis Obispo County. He is into renewable energy and a lot more. Check out

Ed Waage spoke at our Association of Realtors MLS meeting this week and he made common sense remarks such as “The thing to do is figure out what needs to be done then figure out how to do it.” He works towards, less regulations, on vacation rentals, have it remain a choice for people to change their home out for energy efficiency, DO NOT make it mandatory when selling your home. Common sense goes a long way for quality of life in the community. This is what Ed Waage has in mind. is his website if you would like to get a hold of Ed!

I interviewed Rick after giving a speech to the Central Coast California Pismo Beach Realtors. He is right, now is a good time to buy because the interest rates are low and inventory is high. Great time to get a good location for the money. Home sales are up 8.3% country wide. There has been an over all price increase in homes. Rick knows his business, maybe that is why Century 21 is the largest real estate company in the world. So if you are looking to buy world wide check out a Century 21 agent, but if you are looking to buy a home in the Central coast of California of course give me a call, (805)295-6252…. I will be happy to help you find your dream home…

Nick McClure (805)462-2282 www.msdpe.comNick was the speaker at our Friday morning Real Estate meeting that we have here in the Central Coast of California Pismo Beach. He knows engineering and what you should look for when you are buying a home or selling a home and want to be prepared to do so. Nick will eliminate any surprises that could come up prior to selling the home. The most common cause of structural issues in a home is drainage. Keep the water away from the foundation. Also he mentioned cracks in the bricks created by an earthquake should be pointed and tucked prior to another earthquake. You just call a masonry and have them re-grout the cracks. Simple, easy, and inexpensive solution to prevent any major damage prior to another earthquake. The bricks could possibly crumble if they don’t get re-grouted (or glued together again) upon another earthquake taking place. Nicks cost for a verbal report which takes about 45 minuets to an hour is $125.00 and for a written report ranges from $200 to $350
Bruce Severance is a person who is getting the word out about health and efficiency of a home.

When you purchase a vehicle most people ask about how safe is the car? How many miles per gallon does a car get? Why would you not ask how efficient and healthy (safe) is this home before you buy it? It truly is the question to ask. This is relatively new information for me and I think the rest of the world too!

We the public are just really learning about the health of a home. Between the leaks of air that we breath in the home, and the chemicals from cleaning, we need to be aware of our lungs..

From what I learned from Bruce today, not only will I encourage my home buyers that I work with to ask the questions, I will keep my windows open in my dwelling as much as I can to get the fresh air.

Bruce has been in green product development since 1988 and is a trained industrial designer. (805)556-0900
Mark is a sharp guy who knows his real estate, especially commercial property in the Central Coast Pismo Beach area. When he talks about the grade A, B, C locations. He is referencing the standard of the tenant finish of the commercial property A grade is the best, B second best and so on.

Mark says that commercial is definitively picking up with leases and sales in the Central Coast. I personally see a definite up swing in the activity that is going on in my office at CornerStone Real Estate.
The phone is starting to ring!

Mark mentions that Commercial and Residential are so different that there should be two separate license.
I agree that commercial and residential are two different worlds. Selling commercial and/or residential, your knowledge is vast.
He has a good point. But…then again…do we really want to have just another requirement out there?

Mark says lending in Commercial is to go SBA (small business loan) up to 3 million dollars purchase price.
This is a loan through your bank that will loan towards business and real estate. SBA loan usually gives you a lower interest rate and is more creative then a traditional commercial loan.

All I can say is Mark knows his commercial real estate, and is one of the sharper tools in the tool-box.

Patrick Raymond at or tells me that the 10 most important things to keep in mind when public speaking are the following

1. Know your material. Know twice as much as your speech is long.
2. Use humor. Lighten it up.
3. Practice, Practice, Practice!
4. Know your audience. Know who you are talking too. Talking to a bunch of Realtors is totally different then talking to the rare fruit growers.
5. Know the room. How many seats? Will there be food served? The speaking area.
6. Relax count to 5-BREATH-
7. Visualize giving your speech.
8. Concentrate on the message.
9. Filter your words.
10. Last but not least. HAVE FUN! ENJOY! Experience builds confidence.

Julia explains what some of the new rules established for 2012 California real estate law.
Just what are they?…pay attention!! Taxes are going up in 2013 in SEVERAL ways. Check out, hopefully that web site will alert you of the new changes coming up in taxes for next year 2013.
Employers watch out for the sting of the $25,000 fine on what you call your employees/sub contractors.
Find out the rule on that one…that you will have to google.
HOA (Home Owners Associations are required to disclose the financials..YEAH! When you buy a home make sure you figure out if an HOA exists in the neighborhood, or complex. Usually condo/town-homes complexes do have an HOA, which is understandable and easy to figure out. The listing agent usually has the management company name and phone number on the MLS (multiple listing sheet) that your Realtor will have. As far as a neighborhood goes, in the Central Coast you have your Realtor call the title company Representative, given the address, they will look up the HOA information in a private program the title company has specifically for HOA’s to see if there is one in that particular neighborhood. Easiest way… is to ask your Realtor to figure it out for you, as your buyer’s agent Representative, they will be happy to do so.
The important things about an HOA information is #1. Read the minuets of the meeting for a year to see if they mention anything about a assessment for anything. example: remodel of common areas, or new sidewalk.
#2. If there is an assessment or mention of one does the associations bank account have enough funds to pay or not? If not your dues will go up, or assessment can take place. #3. Call the President and the treasurer of the HOA and talk to them. Ask them, is there any problems in the neighborhood? (flooding,
fining for non compliance of CC&R’s, if so who, why and what? What are the issues if any of the HOA?
By talking with them you can get a feel of the tone of the HOA. Of course you want to ask if there is enough funds to cover any issues that may come up. Example: painting outside of complex..are there reserves for that. Sooner or later all complexes need this kind of maintenance. Usually HOA’s do have it together to cover anything that may come up…but not BUYER BEWARE and ask the questions. TALK. Communication is KEY to everything…
Last but not least, the government is trying to take over the NAR (National Association of Realtors) to be able to control (more then they already do) our real estate transactions..THIS WE DO NOT WANT..BAD NEWS. or hopefully will have some information on this topic… Hope this information is helpful..Stay Kewl…Thanx for listening and reading..Juila

Attack the Day with Passion with Glen Hoving! He is a motivator, trainer, and Leader. Glen speaks in Central Coast California that is motivational all the way! Contact information is: (805)235-1549

Brian Portesi a CPA that knows and loves taxes…
There are 3 issues and 1 good thing about the up coming taxes… * Short Sale tax….if you are doing a short sale and you have refinanced your home since
you bought your home you need to find out if you are responsible for the phantom tax that
IRS will charge you if you refinanced and pulled money out of your home..You could be taxed
as ordinary income on the money received when you refinanced your home. It matters what you
spent the money on and what your deficiency will be when you short sale your to
your accountant before the sale….you may be better off letting the home go back to the
bank, you may not, but find out before signing off on that mortgage…

* Capital Gains on the Sale of your home..2013 capital gains will go from 15% to 20%.
Capital Gain is the money you made off your home/investment house from the basis (which is
what you bought the house for) for example: You bought your home for $100,000 20 years ago.
You then are selling your home for $500,000. You take what you sold if for $500,000
minus the purchase price (basis) $100,000 which equals $400,000. Then you minus out any
repairs selling costs, commissions, etc. from the $400,000. Lets say that is $50,000.
So $400,000 minus $50,000 equals $350,000 capital gain..BUT we do not have to pay any
capital gain on your residence for up to $250,000 as a single person and $500,000
as a couple. Soooo you take the $350,000 minus the $250,000 (tax free money) which equals
$50,000 capital gain that you are taxed on at 15% in 2012. ($50,000×15%=$7,500) Your tax
will be $7,500. But in 2013 your tax on that property will be $10,000 ($50,000×20%=$10,000)
That is a $2,500 tax increase if you sell your home after $2012..Yowza..OUCH..MR. TAX MAN!
The rules are different for investment property…talk to an accountant.

Capital gain on Dividends on STOCK, BONDS, MUTUAL FUNDS, IRA’S etc.
will be taxed as ordinary income in 2012 which can be %15 to 39.6% just matters what
your income tax will be…OUCH again MR. TAXMAN! Talk to an accountant!

DEPRECIATION: If you own a 4 plex, commercial building, hotel, large commercial
property. TAX code #179 allows you to depreciate and write off taxes for the first
year of ownership. This is good news if you own a large commercial property you could
save on taxes or get money back. There are companies that determine the depreciation
for you for a fee of course..but the savings you get are much more then the fee charged.
Talk to an accountant..

Brian knows this and many, many, many other tax issues, benefits, etc. and he can help
you out…his contact info is 805-481-6030 or

Russe’Parvin has HOA (homeowner’s association) issues.
The board of his homeowners association sent Russee’ a letter stating that he needed to remove some
pots, coke can, bundle of materials, water jug, buckets, and misc. from his driveway. Russee’ cleaned
off his driveway of the items stated right away. What is odd is The lawyer of the association sent Russee’ another letter (after Russee’ picked up the items) stating he needed to remove items from driveway within 15 days of his letter. He also sent a photograph of Russee’s driveway with none of the items in the photograph that was stated in the letter. Then exactly on the 15th day the attorney then sent a letter stating that there will be a fine hearing in reference to theitems in the driveway.
The attorney stated he will be at the hearing and informed him to bring his attorney at
the hearing also.
Russee’ called his attorney. Russee”s attorney informed him that it was not necessary for an attorney to go to a hearing with the board. (he quoted a civil code) Russee’ was told he can just speak for himself. No big deal but he also warned Russee’

In the words of a past board member and a architectural review board member has told the
homeowners if they don’t like how they interpret the CC&R’s and enforce who they want to enforce the rules
on then they can move.

So this association board members are un-doubtingly way out of control with controlling the neighborhood for their personal preference of who and how people will live in the neighborhood. So in the past Russee’ states that the board association has made life so miserable for past residences living in
the neighborhood that they did move out. Also the association went so far as having a builder who lived across the street from Russee’ go out of business. The way the boards association accomplished this was having him take down all the trim on his home and put up somethingthat they liked.
They did this several times through his building process that he had to do and re-do
things that were so un-reasonable and costly that he ended up going out of business, distressed, and foreclosed on.
This has been a 10 year board association nightmare for anyone who moved into StoneRidge
Development II in the city of San Luis Obispo, California. They continue to harass who they decide they want out of the neighborhood.

Homeowner associations are formed to create community and lift and maintain the quality of life.
What has become of Homeowner associations that are out of control like this one. They actually deteriorate
the quality of life for the neighborhood and create distention among the community. What is the kicker..
Russee’ pays monthly for this harassment. This association and many like it needs to be eliminated and have an appointed person among the neighborhood manage the repairs, common area maintenance, etc.and throw a yearly neighborhood get together barbecue which not only will create community with the neighbors but it
will also bring the dues way down because the management will truly be done by the community that cares about their community instead of controls it. So be careful before buying into a HOA community and talk
to the neighborhood before buying to see if there is any dissension within the association board. Then decide if you want to live with in the rules of the board…because they have the rules…even though you pay the taxes…

THIS ASSOCIATION NEEDS TO BE ELIMINATED.. becasue it defeats their purpose by having the wrong people in control. Which is taking the quality of life right out of the neighborhood. Disclaimer: Julia Waldorf and Russee’ Parvin are just giving you their opinion of this HOA nightmare.
Don’t want to be sued or attacked by anyone because of their opinion of the situation.
Constitutional Amendment #1 Freedom of Speech is being practiced here.Johnathan Todd has a GREAT idea! RE-Cycle our GREATEST COMMODITY “water”!!! What a CONCEPT!
SLO.SURFRIDER.ORG or or in the KNOW! He is a lot more then just another Realtor!

Talks about Short sale tax write off to be extended….interest write off to remain in place…helping the elderly and disabled keep their homes!

Byron Grant with South County Realty!
Do your Homework when Buying Land!

Lead Base Paint/ Carbon Monoxide New Rules!

MLS Pismo Association President

Energy Management Save Money with Energy Credits!

What to do for a loan modification! Kim Jeffers with Guild Mortgage 805-260-9409

Good Time to BUY!

Mold What is it all About?

The Banks are Here!

Step in Front of Time Check out Styrofoam Home

Win Win Win Styrofoam Homes for our future! Inventor Dwayne August

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The Styrofoam Machine in Action!

For the first Hawaii Styrofoam home. Future is happening NOW! Yeah~!
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