Raised one thousand dollars!

Julia Waldorf has learned a LOT in the past 8 months. She has worked with the homeless that had children on the streets. She learned the hardships and the hard reality of families being on the streets living out of their cars or a tent. The issues are plentiful. From potty training with out a toilet to keeping a steady nap schedule is almost impossible with out a stable home. Being homeless is VERY expensive. Eating out, or figuring out where to eat. Laundry. Hauling your belongings from place to place. Working…or trying to get work without an address is next to impossible. The other programs do help along with the churches. The reality of the programs to provide housing for more then a month is not a reality.
There is soooooo much need for affordable housing. If people find a place to rent, the property management requires first, last plus security. Good Credit, and 1 to 3 months of rent as surplus in the bank in order to rent. Oh yeah….2 years working at the same line of work. It is almost like getting a loan to purchase in order to rent these days. “Right Side UP!” is working towards purchasing the first home in order to house a family. One thousand dollars raised, nine thousand dollars to go. That is a whole lot of beanie babies. Stay tuned. Thank you for watching.

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  1. A great cause where contributions go straight to the bottom line… keep up the great work Julia…

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