Just for Fun!

I know all my friends do come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.

When my kids would go down a dangerous hill while I timed them in the car with the speedometer I knew it was dangerous, but I also knew that if my kids think they can do something and I thought they could too, (even though I knew most people could not do this skill) I encouraged them to do it. I figure without people on earth like my children who are extreme we would have never jumped on the moon.

I love the world of ART that is all around us. The Beach, the Mountains, the Jack Frosted Trees…Love Life and Life will Love You BACK!

Ken Janzen has talent

I love to listen and watch talented people play music and sing.
 (719)290-8069 or Waldorf49@live.com Feel Free to Contact Me!

Happy Pappy says take a shower a day to keep the bugs a way. Great thought. He is waiting for the rain.

When I get up in morning my routine is to pray, yoga, run, steam and get to work. Living just around the corner from Garden of the Gods I thought I would take a run through it this morning. I ran on the beach in Central Coast California Shell Beach in the morning. Love both areas. Love Life and Life will Love you BACK! Have a wonderful


Gusts of snow while driving down a icy snowy highway in the Colorado Mountains will defiantly make you feel alive or make you want to stay alive so you drive with focus and faith on a cold winter snowy kinds sunny day in Colorado. Today is NOT a day to see how fast my car can go on a straight away in the mountain roads.

Driving and the radio work together nicely.

I love to drive through the mountains in Colorado. I know a lot of the back roads from Pueblo to Summit County. I find it easier, more interesting and more peaceful then taking the foothills 4 lane highway from town to town. Beautiful ride with more adventure no matter what the weather maybe.

I don’t know about you but I agree with Happy Pappy, there are bugs everywhere these days…Testy Testy days out there for everyone.
Happy Pappy’s thought of the day is Don’t let the bugs bug you. They will leave you alone if you leave them alone. If Happy Pappy’s bugs don’t leave him alone Happy Pappy eats them…..that is a thought that works for a Iguana! Love Life and Life will Love you Back!

I have to say this is truly the first time I have seen a snowman getting a snow tan intentionally.

Allison Hope-Silva-McAlister has talent. I met her and she said she wanted to sing around the world so I thought I would video her and put her in front of the world wide web…fun stuff..Love Life and Life will Love you Back!

Julia sure has fun going around to all the Farmers Markets and seeing the entertainment that is unusual and talented.

Frosty the Neigeman is having fun with his friends chillaxing on a beautiful Central Coast Vetrans Day!

Funny Stuff…RECOMBOBULATION AREA….I feel our whole country needs to be recombobulated….

The Neigeman is always up to something looking for the snow in Central Coast California!

Rain Saturday and it is STILL REAL NICE in Central Coast California!

Sunday…rain 2 days in a row..Yeah!

Thanksgiving Week!..Who invited who to dinner?

Love the Sunsets in Pismo Beach!

Neige is always having fun

Have Fun!

I love to go hiking. Today is was foggy in Shell Beach. Once I reached the top of the hill it almost looked like snow, it was kewl more ways then one.

Lopez lake is a great place to go for a day or a weekend camping, playing in the water and watching the wild life, I saw wild turkeys, deer, lotsa lotsa birds…

Water fun is what Central coast California is all about. Fun in the sun with cool water….

The Central Coast Sunset on Shell Beach is kewl with the birds swirling in the distance.

NO it is not as easy as it looks. When is the last time you HOOLA HOOPED. Good FUN

I bumped into Ron Ellison while I was out and about playing and singing at McClintocks in Arroyo Grande, California..Ron Ellison has always been singing his whole life, and what a life he has had. Traveled the World singing. As he says Singing is in the Soul. I believe it is a God Thing…

Frosty the Neigeman loves his new friend CHIP! He helps him look for snow on the beach. What are friends for but to have fun with….

Do you think Neige man will ever find snow in Central Coast California?

Who would of thought that Frosty the Neigeman liked to socialize with people that are not made of snow. Neigeman likes humans..

Will Neigeman ever find the snow while playing with frogs in Central Coast California?

The Neigeman is looking for snow while hiking and biking and playing on the beach in Central Coast California…The only Beach’in snowman you will ever know!

Happy Pappy knows that if he can look himself in the mirror everyday and be happy with himself then he is doing real good.


These guys are having a tight rope’in beach’in DAY!

Moms in their bikinis swinging the babies in the swing having fun. The baby boys say,…life doesn’t get much better then this!

There is nothing like doing yoga on the beach.

Be friendly!

I love to run in the rain..first time and not the last.

Have FUN! Imagination is the funniest thing there is! HAVE FUN I SAY! HAVE FUN!


Noting like the Central Coast of California at sunrise in the morning!

Wise men, women and children eat healthy! Happy Pappy Knows!

Exercise and stay healthy

Kewl! Sunset Surfer in the water! Kewl!

Wow! Its cold out there but fun. Personally I am a fair weather Surfer!

Fun on the Beach, playing the Birds!

La Sha Nay Costa Song!


Happy Pappy thinking again!

There is nothing like a hike with the birds!

Don’t Worry Be HAPPY!

Beautiful, Wonderful, Valentines Day Hike!

Happy Pappy likes peace and quiet!

Be alive, enjoy life, dance, play at work, work at play, smile, laugh loud!, Say what you think without worrying what they will think..BE FREE!

Run! Fun! Yogi! Stretch! Breath! Sing! Play! and Pray!
Birds Eye Fly!

Frosty Loves KEWL NEIGE!

Happy Pappy thought of the Day!

Frosty says Kewl SKATING FUN!

Kid Stuff!

www.DVC.UU.com Soccer Champs!

Leo Flying a Kite!

Art After Dark Art Festival in SLO

Baby Chasing Birds!

Old Fashion Beach Baseball!

Fly Fishing for Surf Perch!

Will Baby Boy High 5!

Kite Fun!

Blue Belly Lizard!

Treasure Hunting!

Fishin in the Central Coast!

North Star Band!!

North Star Where do you go when you are Lonely?

Caves in Shell Beach!