I love toastmasters. It is one of my favorite things to do is speak in public with my ideas of life, love and happenings. Love life and Life will Love you Back!
Julianne O’Conner has some good common sense information about relationships, and what understanding men and women have about relationships with each other.

The perfect Boyfriend, strong, quiet, and not shy

This little speech is coming from a women that has been married 2 times and the third time around I wanted to do the
3-5-7 year plan and he wanted the forever plan with no plan at all, which did not work for me. Yes, I have been through the hard knocks of marriage and divorce. I came up with the 3-5-7 year plan after being married to my first husband. We built up things together and because we were on different pages we could not keep it together. Going through a divorce was tough, financially, emotionally and spirituality. So after the first marriage experience I came up with this idea 23 years ago and gave a speech at toast masters about my 3-5-7 year plan. I believe if my first husband and I did some sort of planning that was clear then we would of not taken each other for granted and possibly stayed married. In reality marriage is a contract of time and energy that we commit to each other. It is in writing, it just needs to be more detailed and structured so everyone knows where they stand in the marriage partnership.

Russee has a good point!

Nice guy Rich would love to get married with the right body, mind, soul…

What is your point of view on the M word? Yes! MARRIAGE! It seems to me that people get married for the wrong reasons. Money, convenience,early retirement,sex,have someone to cook and clean etc..

I walked into the Farmers Market in Pismo Beach and heard music. I looked around and there was Rich singing on the boardwalk. I started talking to Rich and he said he had a poem he would like for me to video.. So here it is…His love for his wife, and what a good wife does for a good man.

Why the heck is it so hard to find the life partner that will be honest, true, nice, and giving? I am having a heck of a time finding that guy…