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These buyers have looked at soooo many homes is the past year or so before finally purchasing this home that will be there HOME SWEET HOME! They made a great purchase and I believe they will be very happy in there home

The buyer and the seller went through a whole year of jumping through every hoop you could imagine to get this short sale reverse mortgage closed. The lender and the title company also did a great job. This was the toughest deal I have ever gone through in my career. Yeah it did get completed and the buyer and seller are as happy as can be. Sometimes when you are putting a deal together and the buyer is getting a real good deal…I always say..I can get it done but you may not be paying in money but you will pay in brain damage. No matter what you do…you will pay one way or the other. So if you are getting a good deal, people usually have to make quick decisions, and jump through hoops, to get the deal done. In this case it was a hurry up and wait situation too because of the short sale process.

This was not only the longest deal, the most complicated deal, and one of the most rewarding deals that I have witnessed and participated in. The seller was an elderly lady that sold her home to her daughter as the buyer. The reverse mortgage on this deal was a mess. Some how, some way, with all of us working together, including the short sale lender we gotter done…YEAH!

Closing on a cash deal in California and I am sure almost anywhere else in the good ol’ U.S. there are so many disclosures that the paperwork gets a little hectic. It is all about avoiding the lawsuit. I call it sewage myself. Closing on the deal that was a short sale reverse mortgage was a long drawn out process but we gotter done. The lender for the seller which was B of A actually was not too bad when we dealt with them. The lending process for the buyer was disclose…. go forward, disclose..go forward..disclose…go forward..we finally jumped through the last hoop and closed. WOW, it truely was the hardest and most complicated deal I have ever been a part of. All is happy. WIN WIN WIN WIN situation for all the bank, the buyer, the seller, and of course me the lowly real estate agent who puts in hours and hours and hours of work hoping to get paid. We real estate agents have a LOT of faith.
My wife and I have known Julia for many years and in 2005, she sold us our house in Breckenridge for 1.7 mill. She also dealt with my wife in the home mortgage business when my wife found financing for her customers. We financed her as an investor, and she sold land for our company that we repossessed, and in our many dealing with Julia, we found her to be knowledgeable, energetic, and honest. In all dealings with Julia, she got the job done. Ed and Diane Beumont

“Throughout the years we have bought and sold several properties with Julia as our Real Estate Broker.  She even helped us create owner financing ideas for the sale of our commercial property located in tin buck two… Hartsel Colorado.   It went from a $600.00 a month negative to a  to a $1,500 cash flow.   Being in our 70’s that transaction helped us out tremendously.   Julia knows how to get the deal done with a smile, honesty and integrity.”

Barbara and Sandy Rotaroe

“I have worked with Julia Waldorf in many capacities:  professional, social, charitable, and on environmental issues.  I have found Julia to be knowledgeable, insightful, focused, and the consummate professional.  Julia is a hard-worker, but more importantly maintains an optimistic, highly-charged “can do” attitude.  That  combined with far reaching experience in the real estate industry and the ability to look at things from diverse perspectives, make her an asset that is not readily found in the market place, nor easily replaceable.

Julia is high energy, absorbs complex situations readily, and in a short phrase: ‘a pleasure to work with’.

My only regret with Julia is that she has relocated to California.  However, expense justified, I would not hesitate to call her in a heart beat, should I find myself involved in complex real estate issues.

I firmly believe she would be a welcomed asset to any real estate team or endeavor.”

Bob W. Foeppel