FTC Disclaimer

My disclaimer to the world is that I am making this Vlog to entertain, educate and fund raise in order to house children. The state our country is in with the homeless children and what we can do about it. Also on a light side of things I will show people places to go and things to do on the Central Coast of California and the Colorado Mountains. I also have fun things as veiw points on relationships, and just for fun videos to entertain the public. The main purpose of this website vlog is to give the public exposure to my “Right Side UP” and “JuliaWaldorf.com” real estate choices ideas up and running and reaching reality.

I get paid two different ways.  Selling Homes.   The  second way that will get paid through affiliate marketing or multi-level marketing on this Vlog.  I only recommend affiliates or Multi Level Marketing Products if I use the product or had some third party experience with the company myself.   If the company is a loan, title, or friend that I have worked with and I am recommending their service, I  do not get paid from them, they just do such  a GREAT  job and I just want you to know,  so if you need the same help you can try working with them too, and hopefully you have the same great experience working with them as I did.  There…. this is my  FTC disclaimer.