About Julia

20110131_Waldorf_1022Hello, my name is Julia Waldorf, JuliaWaldorf.com and RighSideUpInc.com is a video social media marketing website that entertains, educates and fund raises for “Right Side UP” which provides permanent quality housing to those in need and  REAL ESTATE CHOICES! traditional Real Estate Service giving the public choices on how to purchase property.

At age 30 I started Waldorf Investments, Inc. and have had several great people work for me, figuring out the real estate game. I have bought and sold many properties of my own and for clients as well as helped buyers make a lot of money and owners survive their foreclosure/shortsale situation with dignity through education on the process. Waldorf Investments, Inc. was a success and a lot of fun for the 20 years I ran that business.

My new found passion began on the Central Coast of California when the economy hit rock bottom. Surviving as a single Mom myself and witnessing many women and men struggle to support their families I came up with a concept to in which revenue will go towards purchasing homes in order to lease option homes to single parented children and their families so they can have permanent quality affordable housing, creating stability for theirs and our future.

I am from Green Bay Wisconsin and proud of it….

What is this Website all about

Fun, Work and Play…Educate, Stimulate, Real Estate Choices, Right Side Up! Children

Life is Good! I have heard from my friends and relatives that there is nothing like being a GRANDMA! It is TRUE.
This baby just puts a smile on my face by just looking at him. I am proud of Quaid and Alicia for having this Baby Boy Kain John Waldorf.
6lb12oz and 24.5 inches long….Healthy Baby Boy Kain!

Pismo Sunset

There is nothing like taking a sunset walk or even better a sunset surf in Pismo Beach

Contact Infomation for Julia Waldorf is: email: waldorf49@live.com
phone: 719-290-8069 feel free to call!

Just for you Information, these vides give you and idea how I think and am….phone…system…yikes…

In our society today, not only is everyone in a hurry to get information NOW they are multi tasking with every communication tool out there. Text, phone, social media, email, facebook…there is so many ways to communicate you really don’t know which one works. I don’t know how many times people have emailed me and I did not get the email. So when I email out a video I call the people and let them know I sent it…look for it…so I have to communicate at least 2 ways every time I text, email, social media, facebook…which defeats the purpose of fast and efficient..I find face to face or talking on the phone is the most reliable for me and seems like a luxury too.

Why are they making something so simple so complicated? Could you imagine living here most of your life as a child and growing up to be a 40 year old person then being told you have to join the military or go to school. Does that make sense. NO…It is tough to be a transplant into the U.S. grow up and get the boot out of the country. It is like a bunch of people who have been living here for a long long time are being told to leave and go where? Their lives, family, friends, career is here and has been for a long time and because they do not have a GREEN CARD they have to go away? The world is crazy out there..hang in there…that is all we can do.