Road Trip

Love Life and Life will Love You Back!

Play Hard at Work, and Work Hard at Play
That is what Las Vegas knows how to do

Frosty the Neigeman looking for the snow in Utah!

America the Beautiful

Highway 70….Great Scenery

Spa of the Rockies in Glenwood

Love Love Colorado….Love California…Love it ALL!

Gotta Love the Mountains…Gotta Love the Beach!

Lake Dillion

Swan Mountain in Lake Dillon Colorado

Beutiful Drive. The drive on Highway 70 is one of if not the most beutiful drive you can take in our country. From the bottom of the mountains in Denver going west towards Glenwood Springs…it is gorgeous…

My kids and I would go through this tunnel and hold our breath. Not a easy thing to do, but fun with a car load of kids.


I am flying from LAX to SLO California to settle in and get Right Side UP going and Real Estate Choices up and running….time will tell….

Kewl Ride

Blue Skys, Blue Water, Blue Day

ZAP! is the correct word for the way my life has been going this past 2 weeks. I was told my steady income was over and I had a short timeline to be able to stay where I was staying. So instead of getting a new income from a JOB… and finding a affordable place to stay My angel told me it was time to go back and get my life going at homebase in Colorado Springs…so Here I Am…Time to re-connect with old friends and family and start kicking it up. I flew into Arizona at 1:30 A.M. took a cab to Scottsdale from the airport. Stayed there for a minute (slept for 3 hours) them I got up and jumped into a car and drove with 2 other people into Colorado Springs. Yeah! Feels good..Feels Right..

Let’s Get “Right Side UP” with REAL ESTATE CHOICES!Some of the Nice things about Colorado Springs!

Beautiful Mountains Beautiful Views!

Bucks in the Back Yard! That is one of several nice things about Colorado, deer in the back yard.