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Jenni Lyons the Culture Queen is right on. This is one of the first time’s in my life that I sat down and ate a meal at a restaurant and thought in my mind. “WOW no GMO, no lactose, no gluten in my food today….The Ginger Beer that I had was GREAT! No it was not alcohol, It is tea on tap. Definitely the best Ginger I ever had. Sparkly, bubbly, great tasting tea that was made 2000 years ago brought into the main stream of 2015
What is GMO??????

Jim Hightower the author of Even a Dead Fish Can Go With the Flow. I actually read this article that was posted in the Independent in Colorado Springs.
NOTHING ‘natural’ about GMOs. (by Jim Hightower)
Tenacity can be a virtue. But the persistent push by giant food conglomerates to deceive us consumers has turned their tenacity into raw mendacity.
Brand-name food peddlers are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on lobbyists, lawyers, campaign donations, PR hyesters and political manipulators so they can genetically (and dangerously) alter the dinner we put on our family tables, without bothering to tell us which items they’ve messed with. With practically no public notice, their first deception was to get Washington to okay the production and introduction of genetically modified organisms into corn, canola, soy and other crops. Then they quietly pushed to prevent federal regulators from requiring that these tampered with Frankenfoods be labeled as containing GMOs. Next, they tried a grand deception insisting that foods tainted with GMOs qualify for the national “organic” label. Even our usually submissive regulators balked at that one–but, look out, for here they come again! Big Food’s industry front group, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, is now demanding that foods with genetically engineered ingredients be allowed to use the word “natural” on their packages.

NATURAL? Let’s see–
1. (one) these biotech mutations are not products of nature, but of corporate technicians;
2. (two) the plants are manufactured in corporate labs by extracting genes from a foreign plant or even an animal, then splicing those genes into the manufactured creature. The very DNA of this man-made “food” is altered, with no understanding of the long-term environmental or health consequences.

A Twinkie is more natural then that! They’re perverting both our language and nature’s reality. to oppose these profiteers’ tenacious mendaciousness, contact the Environmental Working Group:

Golden Light Healing Center
Sylvana Licensed Acupuncturist 719-447-3898
2423 1/2 West Colorado Ave. Colorado Springs
I walked into the store Golden Light Healing Center in Old Colorado City while I was going from restaurant to restaurant introducing my beverage card. I was drawn into the shop for some reason and low and behold I find Sylvana a very nice women that knows how to heal. Sylvana makes her own flower remedies for emotional healing that brings on physical issues. She is an acupuncturist along with a energy reader. Very knowledgeable and pleasant lady to meet.
Live, Love, and Die Healthy

I started taking body balance about 6 years ago. I was real healthy. One of the reasons why I am so healthy, is my sister Laura Lee is a natural health consultant. I just have always followed her health recommendations. I know she is an expert in the health field. She recommended a different daily drink that I have taken for years. She also recommended for me to clean my liver, colon, kidneys out once or twice a year (which I have done.) So when Laura Lee said to take this drink, I was surprised she found something new, but of course, I followed her instruction. WOW..even though I was already healthy, I noticed a difference after drinking body balance. My stamina increased, I felt stronger, for example I started to double up my stair case, which I have not done that for years. My eye sight did improve, and also my emotional being improved. I did not feel on edge. I felt calmer but had more energy and clearer thinking. I was running on 10 cylinders and FELT GREAT! It did not happen over night, it was gradual. It took about 5-6 months for me to take notice of my gradual health changes. All GOOD!
So I highly recommend Body Balance. It is easy to take, and it works for me! Thank you!
77 year old Staying Healthy!
Bruce Severance is a person who is getting the word out about health and efficiency of a home.

When you purchase a vehicle most people ask about how safe is the car? How many miles per gallon does a car get? Why would you not ask how efficient and healthy (safe) is this home before you buy it? It truly is the question to ask. This is relatively new information for me and I think the rest of the world too!

We the public are just really learning about the health of a home. Between the leaks of air that we breath in the home, and the chemicals from cleaning, we need to be aware of our lungs..

From what I learned from Bruce today, not only will I encourage my home buyers that I work with to ask the questions, I will keep my windows open in my dwelling as much as I can to get the fresh air.

Bruce has been in green product development since 1988 and is a trained industrial designer.
I bumped into a Slo Seed Exchange group that gathers seeds and exchanges them at a gathering while I was at the Art after Dark. It amazes me how progressive this San Luis Obispo area is when it comes to art, food, health, fun, etc.and so on….
The bottom line with our Health is not only does our genetic background have to do with our health…Also a big HUGE part of being healthy is What you put into your body and how you treat it..It is about Healthy Food, Moderate Drink, Good Sleep, and of course you need healthy, jump, move around!and don’t forget good positive conversation with people that treat you right!

Reflexology with Carl Dawn would be a great experience because she has been in the feet/health/pressure point business for 25 years. This lady knows what she is doing. Relieves pain, stress, and a lot more. Her contact information is or (805) 546-8660

Wellness Kitchen

HOURS M-F 9-6 Sat. 9-3
Phone: (8-5)-434-1800

Eat Well, Feel Well, Be happy!

This is a neat way to get the toxin out of your body that have settled down to the bottom of your feet. It Works!

The Hemp Center
2501 West Colorado Ave.