Housing First in Colorado Springs…Let’s Talk!

I went to this meeting the the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church puts on once a month called “Lets Talk”.  It is a way for the community to come out and have the opportunity to talk to the Chief of Police Peter Carey, Sheriff Bill Elder and the DA of El Paso and Teller County Dan May.

They discussed with approximately 150 people the issues of housing first Colorado Springs.

Of course I was there to ask if they have any funding for the homeless, if so, how much and what are the going to spend it on?

The answer came from the man the Chief of Police Peter Carey. He said he will connect me with Annie Cox the expert in the homeless situation in Colorado Springs.  He also said there is 1 million dollars to go towards the homeless situation.  Hopefully it is used wisely and homes are bought and children are put into them along with the parents and a counselor.  Housing first in Colorado Springs, and then people can start getting their lives back.



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  1. Helping people help themselves get into homes and get the children off the streets, then ask questions later. They need not normalize homeless stigma
    Love Life And Life Will Love You Back!

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