Homeless Parent

LIfe is changing for he and his family.  This homeless man is not homeless anymore, he has gone back home with his wife and child where he can get on his feet, with help from their family.

He tells the raw truth about being homeless with a child on the street is ALL difficult.

1. Afraid someone will take your child.

2.  Where are you going to cook dinner?  What are you going to eat?

3.  Potty training and getting a shower is tough.

4.  Homeless at a homeless shelter feels un-safe.  It is safer being in a tent with a dog then staying at a shelter.

5.  Not lazy, wants to work.  Hard to get work because he does not have an address.  Having no address or steady address in this society you are unstable and it is difficult to get a job, bank account, or even really get into a place to rent.  As a homeless person, you are at the mercy of the people around you to help you, not hurt you.

I say Utah helped the homeless get into homes….so can Colorado and the rest of the country.  Starting with the children and their families.


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