Ethics & Doug Barber interviews Doug Barber who is the head of the Ethics Class and Ethic Board with the Pikes Peak Association Realtors in Colorado Springs Colorado. He is a leader in the Real Estate Industry helping keep the standards high, of the 4000 plus Realtor members of the PPAR. Realtors are accountable to the public, and each other. If anyone has a complaint about the performance of a Realtor the first place to start is calling the association where the member belongs to and they will direct you to the Ethics Board. Realtors across the country are held to a high standard of Ethics for the public and each other. This is why you want to work with a REALTOR and not just someone that sells real estate and does not belong to the association for the area. They are held to a high standard of Ethics in order to be a REALTOR, and have accountability to peers and the general public. See more interesting things at

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