Right Side Up

Home Sweet Home!

When families move it creates instability for everyone. “Right Side UP!” is working with a family that has been floating around for 2 years with a 2 year old. The developmental mind of the human brain was not made to do this. The good news is the parents are very nurturing to their baby and the baby does feel somewhat safe and secure. They

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Right Side UP! Update

Well folks our silent auction campaign has ended. We are happy to announce that we made around 4,000 dollars and we currently have around 1100 dollars in the bank. We managed to keep a 2 year old off the streets and also some young adults (18-21) off the streets by paying them to work on our Silent Auction with us! We are going to

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“Right Side UP!” Up-Date

Julia is busy busy busy working along with James, Steve, Birdie, Eric, Korena,Salina and Kevin pulling together the kick-starter campaign to begin the first week-end of December through the end of January. Silent Auctions, music, venues, coffee shops, entertainment, and pulling together the home that “Right Side UP!” will be fund raising for…..lot of fun, a lot of work…we are getting it done!….

Money UP-date on RSU!

I do not think that we did too bad for the first 5 weeks of fund raising. The learning curve on this new world of “Right Side UP!” is not only challenging but very rewarding to help people get a job that you know are benefiting with securing their own home but also they feel good about helping with the cause. We will be

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