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Stone Ridge #2 HOA Blues

HOA Blues: The Problem HOA Blues: The Answer HOA Blues: The Answer As you can see in the pictures above the area around Mr. Parvin’s garden (also called Earth/soil/dirt) is entirely too dirty (ISN’T DIRT A REQUIREMENT OF A GARDEN?). Below are the “Fines” that they are charging Mr. Parvin with: Failure to maintain the landscaping on your lot. This is the first of

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Short Sale Go Smoothly? WOW!

Yes in the world of short sales you do not hear the words short sale and smoothly go together very often. In this deal it did. Not only was the buyer, seller and Broker on the same page but the lender communicated very clear and concise throughout the whole deal. There is a lot of follow through and jumping threw the hoops when the

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