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Wow! Wow! Wow!

It is truly amazing looking at the aftermath of a huge fire like the Hayman fire in Colorado. In our country we have been having none weather disaster after another, and we humans just pick up the pieces and keep going on. That is amazing too!

Nothing like being a GRAND MA!

Life is Good! I have heard from my friends and relatives that there is nothing like being a GRANDMA! It is TRUE. This baby just puts a smile on my face by just looking at him. I am proud of Quaid and Alicia for having this Baby Boy Kain John Waldorf. 6lb12oz and 24.5 inches long….Healthy Baby Boy Kain!

This is one of my pet peeves…

We all have pet peeves..one of mine is the mine trailing that they leave for years along the beautiful mountain highways. It really should be against the law..I mean..they make sooooo much money on digging into our natural resources…can you spend a little to make it look back to somewhat of the natural state it looked like in the first place..PLEASE…Thanx for allowing me

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