What is it all about??? Love Life!

http;// lets you know what the website is all about. It is about FUN stuff, Play Stuff, Horse Around Stuff, World Stuff, Love Life Stuff…stay tuned Julia is just getting going again to bring you fun, enlightenment and awareness of Loving LIfe and LIving Happy, beside all the STUFF…. See more interesting things at

A Day OFF!

Julia is driving through the Colorado Mountains on Highway 6 after meeting her son for lunch at a cozy little pub in the mountains.  It is fun to drive through the Colorado Mountains and wind, curve, and go through tunnels. Thrill a minute.  

How do you measure UP?

This is the first contest that I have entered in a speech contest. I won 3rd out of 5 speakers. It was fun, serious, fun in a serious way. I enjoyed it. I spoke about self fulfilling prophecy, first impressions, and professional behaviors., It taught me something about myself, I hope it teaches something about yourself too. enjoy!