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Elevate SLO feeds the Children

Kurt Phagel a minister with a Elevate Slo Christian Church has put together 10,000 meals along with 230 other people in San Luis Obispo California to provide food for the children in San Luis Obispo County school system. He says that it is 2 out of 4 children in the San Luis Obispo County school system that needs to have supplementary food to eat

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Trial Run

I am taking a trial run of the Campaign I will be doing in June. The Campaign will be Give a Buck Today for “Right Side UP!”. It will show how this good old USA is doing. Our Beautiful country and what are people feeling like after the aftermath of the deep depression we have gone through and are still wading in. I am

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How do you measure UP?

This is the first contest that I have entered in a speech contest. I won 3rd out of 5 speakers. It was fun, serious, fun in a serious way. I enjoyed it. I spoke about self fulfilling prophecy, first impressions, and professional behaviors., It taught me something about myself, I hope it teaches something about yourself too. enjoy!

Stone Ridge #2 HOA Blues

HOA Blues: The Problem HOA Blues: The Answer HOA Blues: The Answer As you can see in the pictures above the area around Mr. Parvin’s garden (also called Earth/soil/dirt) is entirely too dirty (ISN’T DIRT A REQUIREMENT OF A GARDEN?). Below are the “Fines” that they are charging Mr. Parvin with: Failure to maintain the landscaping on your lot. This is the first of

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Home Sweet Home!

When families move it creates instability for everyone. “Right Side UP!” is working with a family that has been floating around for 2 years with a 2 year old. The developmental mind of the human brain was not made to do this. The good news is the parents are very nurturing to their baby and the baby does feel somewhat safe and secure. They

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