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Bartering is alive and well…

This 50 year old man Chris worked for “Right Side UP!” one Sunday in Colorado Springs.  He allowed me to do this interview about what goes on with the homeless.  Chris has been homeless for 7 months.  He has filed for disability and says that quite a few homeless are pending disability. (which takes about 5-7 years to acquire).  He also said he is

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Humble Times!

Can you imagine being one of 7 people, waiting for someone to show up and finding out later they took the money and fell off the wagon…Wow. Natasha’s husband was missing for 3 weeks until they found him. Humble times indeed but they met some great people who helped them trough it. Natasha has not only become humble but also very strong and grateful.

One of the Lucky Ones!

Jean was homeless for 6 months.  She says cowboy camping is tough.  Wet shoes, hair, clothes and trying to find cover is miserable.  She is now giving back helping with the homeless in the park by volunteering her time.  She works at a fast food restaurant, and on all her spare time she helps with the homeless one way or the other.  She truly

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Sage’s Story, homeless child on the street

I interviewed Bernadette to get Sage’s story. Bernadette and her family have been bouncing around from basement to basement, room to room, tent to tent for the past 2 years with her son Sage and husband looking for stability. If you would like to help the newly hidden homeless (the children) such as Sage’s Story. There are many ways to help. To start you can Donate

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Homeless Parent

LIfe is changing for he and his family.  This homeless man is not homeless anymore, he has gone back home with his wife and child where he can get on his feet, with help from their family. He tells the raw truth about being homeless with a child on the street is ALL difficult. 1. Afraid someone will take your child. 2.  Where are

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Hunger Games EXIST!

Yikes! The Hunger Games do EXIST in the good old United States of America. Homeless Helping Homeless! I met this young man in front of the Walmart he asked for work and a ride to Woodland Park, Colorado. (which is 20 minutes up the mountain towards Pikes Peak.  He worked a few hours collecting donations for me at the second door at the Walmart.

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