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New Year! GO FORWARD! is living the Mission of “Right Side UP!” the non profit to help with housing for single parented children and the new found hidden homeless (which are the children). Her dream is to create stability for children, and have fun in the process, while accomplishing her goals. Keep watching….see what takes place this 2016.

Raised one thousand dollars!

Julia Waldorf has learned a LOT in the past 8 months. She has worked with the homeless that had children on the streets. She learned the hardships and the hard reality of families being on the streets living out of their cars or a tent. The issues are plentiful. From potty training with out a toilet to keeping a steady nap schedule is almost

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“Right Side UP!” Gets Children off the Streets

This young lady approached Julia in front of the Walmart asking for help.  Julia interviewed her to let the world see what is happening to several American Children and their parents.  Affordable housing is hard to come by and keep.  This story is not un-common.  “Right Side UP!” put her to work so she could make money for gas, propane for the heater in

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Ten Thousand Dollar Home

Julia is working every week end fund raising in front of the Walmart, King Soopers in El Paso, Teller, and Summit County to raise 10k to buy at least one home and put the children and their families into a home.  Watch as Julia does this.  She has people that are working with her as paid and un-paid volunteers. Please donate and spread the

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A Day OFF!

Julia is driving through the Colorado Mountains on Highway 6 after meeting her son for lunch at a cozy little pub in the mountains.  It is fun to drive through the Colorado Mountains and wind, curve, and go through tunnels. Thrill a minute.