How you can help?

Hunger Games EXIST!

Yikes! The Hunger Games do EXIST in the good old United States of America. Homeless Helping Homeless! I met this young man in front of the Walmart he asked for work and a ride to Woodland Park, Colorado. (which is 20 minutes up the mountain towards Pikes Peak.  He worked a few hours collecting donations for me at the second door at the Walmart.

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Homeless Children on the Street

Ten Thousand Dollar Home

Julia is working every week end fund raising in front of the Walmart, King Soopers in El Paso, Teller, and Summit County to raise 10k to buy at least one home and put the children and their families into a home.  Watch as Julia does this.  She has people that are working with her as paid and un-paid volunteers. Please donate and spread the

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